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Silent Wisdom

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honor students cheat more than anybody 

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What’s the point in ignoring someone without letting them know? If you don’t want to talk to them then just tell them. Leaving someone wondering why you’re ignoring them or what’s going on is just a really fucked up thing to do. Everyone wants some closure. 

And if they don’t stop trying once you tell them, then just block them. Ignoring is childish, stupid, hurtful, and meaningless. It doesn’t prove anything. And it doesn’t get a point a cross. It just leaves people wondering.

Ignoring someone is like leaving gamers on a cliffhanger at the end of a game or movie goers on a cliffhanger at the end of a movie and then never making a sequel to say what happened.

And if you say you don’t hate that feeling, you’re a liar.

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I am allowed to feel my feelings.

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The dream I just had went from mad chill to balls to the wall crazy in about .3 seconds


So it started off with me waking up at my friends house and we’re all just chilling and then someone passed me a blunt and I was like “yoooo” this is a perfectly rolled blunt and then we realized my friends parents were home so we all went into this glass soundproof room he had in his house (give…

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Normally, I wouldn’t ask anyone for this but at this point time I really can’t afford not to.  I’m $1000 short for my school tuition and without it I won’t be able to range classes til the next fall semester which would be a major setback to me graduating that I really just cannot afford to have happen. If there is anyone that can donate any amount to me please go to
It would be greatly appreciated if you did and even if you can’t, just reblogging this would be very helpful and I’d be very thankful to anyone who did. 
Again I’m sorry for asking but please help me out with this in any way you can.

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